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Dremel DigiLab 3D45 Printer
SKU: 3D45-01
Discount $-200.00
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Special offer! This printer is on sale ($200 off regular price) and will also come with 2 extra filament spools! This offer only available until February 28, 2018. Join us on Saturday Feb 24th at 9:30AM-11:30AM for an in-store demonstration!

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The Most Reliable and Easiest-To-Use 3D Printer that can Print Nylon, Eco-Abs, Pla, & More


  • Easy-to-Use: Onboard Software and Full Color Touch Screen
  • Quiet and Safe: Fully Enclosed Workspace
  • Flexible: Removable Glass Build Plate
  • Supported: Learning Community and One-Year Warranty
  • Extruder Maximum Temperature: 280°C. Build Platform Maximum Temperature: 100°C. Operating Temperature:16-29°C
  • Precise Output: 50-micron resolution & temperature-controlled chamber
  • Filament Auto-Recognition: Automatically changes temperature settings
  • HD Camera: Remotely manage 3D45s & capture time-lapse videos
  • Perfect for Makerspaces: Easily network & stack 4 units to 6 ft tall
  • Carbon Filters: Protect yourself against harmful VOCs