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    Black Forest Woodworker’s Smock

    The Woodworker’s Smock is the latest addition to our Black Forest Apparel line designed to preserve domestic harmony by keeping wood bits off of your clothes and out of the washing machine.

    The material is the same as we use in our shop tested Woodturner’s Jacket: a fine weave cotton/poly blend with a soft hand for comfort and durability. The fine weave resists holding sawdust. The inevitable adhesive and finish splatters don’t show as much on dark material compared to light colours. The edges are finished with a seam binding.

    The neck closure is pliable and comfortable with an adjustable Velcro tab. A nylon buckle at the back adjusts the waist band to your preference. The L/XL model is for taller people over 5’ 8”. Both the S/M and L/XL have a generous length of waist belt that will accommodate the most ample of frames and you can trim to fit your girth.
    There is a pencil pocket on the chest.

    Sleeveless, the Woodworker’s Bib is suited for working indoors or in warmer environs and will protect you from all kinds of crafting debris. Alternatively, you can also layer it over sleeve length warm clothing.
    Care free wash and dry, no ironing needed. Made in Canada to our exacting specifications.

    Customer Reviews

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    Just what I needed

    Such a simple yet effective solution. No more wood shavings down my shirt, clothes are much cleaner and easy sizing.