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 As seasoned craftsmen, we aspire to capture nature’s beauty found in trees and showcase them to their greatest potential. Our passion is to repurpose salvaged material into heirloom pieces of furniture that will be prized for generations. Our goal with every piece that is created is to inspire the same passion in our clients that we felt while crafting it.

We begin with sourcing sustainably harvested wood from sawyers across North America. The Black Forest Wood Company is committed to the repurposing of sustainable resources. To eliminate the risk of any movement or cracking our wood is properly dried and acclimatized. 

We enable our clients to take part in the material selection process until we find the perfect slab. Clients are encouraged to follow the creation process and invite their friends and family to follow along on one of our social media platforms. Upon completion, we review the commissioned work with the client to ensure all parties are satisfied before we arrange for the piece to be shipped or delivered.

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