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    BF Art Resin 1:1

    BF Art Resin is an easy to work with, solvent and odor free epoxy-resin.

    BF Art Resin cures crystal clear to a high gloss finish. It has a thin viscosity and isn easily self-leveling. Our BF Resins superior UV inhibitors are non-yellowing and exhibit a clearer result over time. Air release agents minimize entrapped bubbles.

    Maximum depth of pour: 1/4"
    Pot Life: 15-20 minutes
    Cure Time @ 20℃/69℉: 6-8 hours

    Coverage @ 1/8": 1.2 sq.ft/L

    BF Art Resin has a thicker consistency than the Coat and is ideal for jewelry making, coating or encapsulating art items, photos, sculptures or pouring almost any creative project. BF Art Resin is not meant for thicker castings. 

    ASTM Certified non-hazardous and non-toxic. Mix ratio 1 to 1