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BF Deep Resin 2:1

BLACK FOREST DEEP resins are formulated for casting moulds up to 2” in depth at 22˚ C/72˚ F. With applying active cooling, thicker casting without distortion is possible. DEEP features a long set-up time for bubble release and removal having a moderate exothermic reaction with reduced shrinkage.

Uses and Applications:

DEEP is ideal for combining with wood in casting “river tables” and encapsulating objects in many forms of art projects.

To minimize bubbles coming from the wood or any porous surface, prime or seal wood surfaces with COAT 1-2 hours prior to pouring DEEP. (The primer/sealer coat must still be tacky, this allows for a chemical bond which is stronger than a mechanical bond)

Sealing the live edge is not necessary with proper fans and cooling.

Formulated non-hazardous and non-toxic. Mix ratio 2 to 1

*Please note, that the curing process depth can be altered by encapsulating various objects and it is best to control the optimal outcome with fans and cooling.