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    BF Deep Resin 2:1

    BF DEEP Resin is formulated for casting in a mould up to 2” Thick at 20˚ C/68˚ F, ready to de-mould and work in 7 days with full hardness in 21 days. With active cooling thicker casting without distortion is possible.

    BF DEEP features a long set-up time for bubble release or removal and a moderate exothermic reaction with reduced shrinkage. 

    BF DEEP is ideal for combining with wood in casting “river tables”. Prime or seal wood surfaces with BF COAT Resin to eliminate bubbles forming before pouring thick castings. Sealing wood surfaces is not required if you are able to cool the resin as it cures. For large pours, we recommend a room temperature of 15C/59F, in addition to fans blowing on the surface as the resin cures. Formulated non-hazardous and non-toxic.  Watch our video on how to properly seal edges: