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BF HiTemp Resin 2:1

BLACK FOREST HI TEMP Resin cures to an optically clear self-leveling high gloss finish and is Heat Resistant to 90˚C/195˚F. HI TEMP produces a high gloss optically clear heat resistant finish and high UV resistance.

Uses and Applications:

Offering a longer working time, HI TEMP is great for bar tops, table tops, counter tops. It can be used to cover acrylic, oil paint and watercolour paintings; and can be used for sculptures and mould castings.

ASTM Certified non-hazardous and non-toxic. Mix ratio 2 to 1

*Because HI TEMP is considerably more fluid than ART or CAST, please note that if tints are used with HI TEMP, the colors could bleed into one another if poured next to each other. It is best to test patterns prior to applying to your project.