Blonde 1/4 Pound Premium Dry Dewaxed Shellac

Mixing your own shellac solution from dry shellac flakes ensures that you will have a reliable finish that will dry properly and provide an unbeatable appearance. Offers incredibly beautiful results on almost any wood. Highlights wood figure and enhances color. Dries within minutes and can be recoated within a short period of time. Buffable & Rubs out with ease. Dewaxed shellac is excellent as a sealer and is compatible with virtually any finish schedule. Easily repaired. Sprayable, Brushable, Wipeable, French Polish. Tintable with ColorFX Dyes. Dissolve (Cut) with Isopropyl 99% or Denatured Ethanol. Heat sealed in clear Barrier bags with oxygen absorber and dessicant packet to aid in extended shelf-life of unopened product. Processed in Germany and packaged in Canada!

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