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Invisible Work Gloves

If you're tired of endlessly scrubbing your fingernails and hands to remove paint, grease and grime, then the Trade Secret® Invisible Work Glove is your solution to glove protection without the glove.

Use before working to form an invisible protective barrier around hands and fingernails. After painting, staining, printing, or any dirty, greasy job, simply wash off the glove and dirt with soap and water.

When the Trade Secret® Invisible Work Glove is applied before work, it provides effective protection against a wide variety of greases, oils, dirt & dust, paints & lacquers, household cleaners, silicone compounds, brake dust, adhesives, soot, tar and much more..

It is not a hand cleaner or detergent, it's a protective cream that helps insulate your skin, while at the same time allowing the skin's natural respiration to be unaffected.

Whether you work as painter, in a garage, in a garden, or around the house, your hands come in contact with dirt, chemicals and abrasive substances every day. These can leave hands looking stained, dry and dirty even after you wash.

The Invisible Work Glove is designed to keep hard working hands clean and soft.

Unlike competitors, it doesn't just protect your hands from dirt, grease and grime but it is also a moisture guard to keep your hands moist and clean.

With the Trade Secret® Invisible Work Glove, you can treat your hands like they deserve to be treated without the hindrance of gloves.

Glove protection without the glove.

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