Tradesman CBN 8" x 1.25" 180 Grit Grinding Wheel, 5/8" Bore

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Cuttermasters’ Tradesman 8″ CBN grinding wheels are balanced to .2 grams. Our wheels are known for smooth running performance and long useful life. Width is 1.27″, bore is .6255 ” (optional custom bore), 1/2″ plated side flange with .03 corner rad. Choose one of our four available grits: 80, 180, 320,600. When a decision is made to run a super fine grit (above 300), for the best performance the wheel should be mounted on a shaft with no run-out and there is a correct speed depending on the activity. Our New Honing wheels 320 and 600 are engineered for ultra-fine work and long useful life in a variety of conditions. They run best on the Tradesman grinder. • Cuttermasters 8" CBN 180 • 1.25" Width • 8" Diameter •1/2" plated side flange • 5/8" arbor • 180 grit