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WEBINAR: Resin 101

Resin 101 is a pre-recorded online video webinar based on our popular in-house workshop "Working with EcoPoxy". This webinar is a beginner's guide to learning the basics for mixing resin and using EcoTrowel, Liquid Plastic, and UVPoxy from EcoPoxy.

This 15-minute how-to webinar will give you the knowledge required to successfully perform 
castings, fill voids in live edge slabs, and do coatings. You will be given instructions, by your personal instructor Dylan, on how to fill voids in a piece of Cyprus, create a resin turning blank filled with bark, successfully pour a resin river art piece, and flood coat a canvas with UVPoxy. This beginners guide also teaches you tinting and colouring using the many pigments and dyes that we carry here at the Black Forest.

Once purchased, you will have access to this video at any time. There are time-stamped chapters for key sections of the webinar but we believe watching the video in full without skipping will give you proper training of the EcoPoxy Products we cover. 

We're also offering a special one-time, 10% off any amount of EcoPoxy product and or Epoxy additives for Resin 101 customers. You get this coupon code via email immediately after purchasing the webinar.

Note: Link to the webinar video may take a few minutes to come through to your email.



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