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About Wood Pricing

Individually marked pieces like slabs and Unique & Rare piece can be purchased online. For S2S lumber, please visit us in store.

Wood is a commodity. Any prices listed herein are for customer reference only. Prices may change without notice. If you would like to verify pricing or current stock, please call or use our contact form

Prices for S2S lumber are by the board foot. The Board Foot is the standard lumber measurement. It is a volumetric measurement equaling 144 cubic inches. It is not a measurement of dimension or weight, but of volume. On a given piece of wood (regardless of dimension), board footage is calculated by multiplying (Length x Width x Thickness) the piece in inches, then dividing by 144.

Lumber is also milled and sold according to various thickness’, which are designated by 1/4 inch increments: Thus, 1" thick lumber is designated "4/4" meaning 4 quarter inches thick. 1 1/4" thick lumber is designated "5/4", 1 1/2" thick lumber is designated "6/4", etc.

Especially rare or unusually shaped woods may be sold by weight.


Exotic Species

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