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    With the high amount of questions we get every day, we've collected the top requests into this FAQ list.
    If you do not find an answer to a question you may have, you can send an email to


    We are located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Our address is Bay 7, 603-77 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2H 2B9 

    Yes! We are not just a production shop, but a retail store as well. You can browse our lumber and machinery, and see the showroom. If you are coming from out of town, please let us know ahead of time so we can give you a proper tour of our space.

    * During the Covid-19 Pandemic we are open to the public. We also have curb side pick up available through online ordering.

    We have a curated selection of our finished tables and doorshere on our website. The best way to see all of our work, and the process from start to finish, is through our Instagram and Facebook.

    You can check us out on these channels below:

    We have the means to ship manufactured products (eg resin art, finished furniture, etc) all over the world. We have limitations when it comes to raw wood as well certain products.

    For any further international shipping questions, please email

    Yes! We stockBF Resin products, which we primarily use in our shop. We also carryEcopoxy pigments,Osmo, as well as most other things you see in our videos.

    Clickthis link to see our full list of products.

    We pride ourselves in stocking up to 130 types of wood, both exotic and domestic. This includes everything from carving blocks, live edge slabs, turning blanks, instrument grade material, and so much more. 

    Table Questions

    All of our tables are custom, so there is no one set price for our tables.

    You can view our past table builds in our table galleryhere

    If you are interested in getting a custom table, you can fill out our Table Quick Quote formhere.

    We specialize in custom solid wood tables. Most commonly we build dining tables, coffee tables, conference tables, countertops, desks, and wall art. As nearly all of our work is custom the options are limitless, you are able to choose from things like: resin or no resin, resin colour, live edge or straight edge, wood species, base design, finish type, and much more.

    Our typical lead time for tables is 6-10 weeks. However, as we continue to get busier our lead time grows longer. If you have a time sensitive project we recommend you get orders in as quickly as possible to ensure that we can see your deadlines. 

    The best way to clean your piece is with a soft cloth and water, there is no need to use chemicals on the surface of your table. We also have maintenance products available that will prolong the life of the finish on your piece.

    Epoxy questions

    The liquid you are seeing is calledBF Deep Resin 2:1, which consists of 2 parts resin and 1 part hardener. After many years of trying many other products we decided to create our own superior product that works better then all the rest every time!

    This 2:1 ratio allows harder cures that are stable during the curing process and produce a clear product when comparing to others epoxy-resins.

    See our BF Deep Resins products here.

    BF Deep Resin is specially formulated to pour at 2" thick at room temperature or 20°C/69°F. BF Deep Resin has been tested to pour at 5" with additional cooling. 

    We have a handy resin calculator to figure out the quantities you need here.

    On our resin pieces we most commonly useEcoPoxy Metallic Colour Pigments. We've also used Black Diamond Pigments. If you are wondering how we created a specific colour, the best way to find out is to comment on our social media post and we will respond back. 

    The type of finish we use always depends on the job, amount of resin, and ultimately the client's preferences. Right now we're usingOsmo Polyx-Oil for the majority of our tables. Another option we use regularly is Polarion which is a 2K catalytic urethane.

    After the resin has cured, we use our CNC Machine to flatten the piece. 

    Epoxy can be sanded to 4000 Grit, however we sand to 320 grit and then apply 2 coats ofOsmo 1101 Thin, and then 2 more coats of Osmo Polyx-Oil. We find this provides the best protection and is perfect when transitioning from wood to epoxy to wood again.

    Here is our sanding sequence:

    80 grit
    100 grit
    120 grit
    150 grit
    220 grit
    320 grit

    We use and sell Tuck Tape form building tape for our moulds.

    There's never been a set mould for the resin related projects we work on. Everything is built according to the individual job. You can check out our YouTube channel for anepoxy mould break-down, and many other videos!

    There are a few methods that we've found to be successful:

    1. Ensure your piece is level and your mould parts are straight
    2. Use lots of 
    form building tape to ensure your mould is airtight
    3. Use silicone around corners where applicable and let set

    Door Questions

    Like our tables, every door we make is a custom and unqiue process.

    If you are seriously interested in getting a custom solid wood door, please email

    We specialize in exterior doors with a solid wood frame and door jamb, complete with install and trim. We are also known for slab style exterior and interior doors and packages.

    To see examples of our doors we've made see our galleryhere

    Currently, production is around 8 weeks.

    Workshop Questions

    Yes! We offer a variety of courses from woodturning to working with epoxy.

    You can see our list of in-house workshops

    The best way to get notified when new workshops are scheduled is to sign up for our newsletter. You can also enter your email into the "notify me" button when you go to the product page of the course you are interested in to be notified if a space becomes available!

    To sign up for the newsletter,click here.

    Yes! We have video courses so you can learn at your convienionce. 

    See ourWebinar: Resin 101

    To learn about our cancellation policy, please check out our full Workshop Policies pagehere.

    Shipping Questions

    Shipping during normal operations will take between 1-3 business days. 

    Special times like Covid-19 pandemic, special launches, sales, Christmas and holidays may cause extra multiple days delay in shipping. 

    Yes we have a list of freight shippers that can deliver your machine.

    Shipping is extra on machinery. 

    Yes we offer in store pick up with online orders. We will send an email confirmation when it is ready to be picked up. 

    Yes we offer free shipping for purchases over $250.00 on our website.

    Free shipping is not included on machinery, items exceeding 150lbs or oversized items, Items to be sent to a remote location.

    Manual/Phone/Non-Website orders do NOT have free shipping included.

    Yes we track our regular packages. Larger freight orders may not have tracking but most do. 

    We use an automated system to automatically email the tracking information when the package is marked as shipped.

    Yes. For larger amounts of BF Resins we can ship by ground freight on pallets or the order can be split into individual boxes and sent within the restrictions of the courier. Larger quantities may not be eligible for Free Shipping depending on the amount and location.

    After the package is sent there may be brokerage fees, duties, taxes or other charges depending on your destination country and state. We have no control over these costs, but we declare and ship all items properly. Please check with your border agency to check for possible aditional border crossing fees. 

    If a package is lost please contact us right away. We will begin a claim with the carrier. Reimbursement can take as long as a month during normal business operations. Special times like Covid pandemic, mail strikes, holiday season and other factors may cause further delays. 

    From time to time a courier may not be able to deliver a package. In this case we wait for the package to be returned. Typically the shipping charges are not refunded by the courier. We can send it out again but the shipping costs will need to be paid with each attempted shipment. We can also refund your purchase if shipping to that location is not possible.

    For non-BF Resin products do not sign for the package, or if a signature is required you need to leave a note stating "damaged" on the drivers paperwork. Please contact us and let us know right away. To file a claim we will require photo's and other information. We will begin a claim with the carrier right away. Reimbursement can take as long as a month during normal business operations. Special times like Covid pandemic, mail strikes, holiday season and other factors my cause further delays. If we are able we will send out replacement product or make other arrangements.

    Extra care is taken to ship BF Resins. We tape the lids, put the container in a plastic bag and double box it with at least 2” of packing material. (We use environmentally friendly cellulose packing peanuts)

    Leaks or damage is rare but can happen.

    Damaged/Leaking package:

    ***Do not refuse the package from the courier. ***

    If the package is damaged or leaking please take the package. We will process a claim on our end at Black Forest Wood Company.

    To process a BF Resin claim contact us at to let us know about the loss and please include the following:

    * The Web order number, your name and any other information you deem pertinent.

    * A picture of the box and plastic container that has leaked.

    * The weight of the damaged container with any product left in it.

    * Let us know if it is resin or hardener.

    We will replace the lost amount of product.