Workshop Policies

Workshop Registration and Cancellation Policy

1. Workshop size is limited, so register early to avoid disappointment. 
2. Your registration is confirmed when paid in full. 
3. On the website, you may join the waitlist by submitting your email address in
the notification box. You will be automatically notified if a place becomes available.
4. Previous experience is not required to participate in a workshop unless noted in the workshop description (eg. Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar).
5. Participants must be 18 years of age or older or have a signed waiver by a
6. Workshop tuition includes required consumable materials unless otherwise noted.
7. Cancellation refunds are accepted up to 14 days before the start of the workshop.
8. Within the 14 days before the workshop starts, there are no tuition refunds unless your place is filled from the waitlist.
9. If the workshop is canceled your tuition will be refunded at your discretion,
or credited for the next available workshop date.
10. We reserve the right to reschedule workshops.

Workshop Privacy, Safety and Liability Policy

1. Personal Safety gear pertinent to the type of workshop is provided. However, you are encouraged to bring any personal protective gear that you are comfortable with and want to use.  It is your responsibility to wear protective safety gear during the workshops.
2. Woodworking is inherently dangerous. By choosing to participate in a workshop you agree to sign a workshop liability waiver, whereby you agree to participate in the workshop at your own risk.
3. Photography or video may be taken during the workshop to be used in promotional materials.

For any other workshop questions, please refer to our FAQ.