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All Wood

Looking for the perfect wood species for your woodworking, construction, or interior design project? Dive into a world of possibilities with our comprehensive guide to all sorts of wood species. From timeless classics like oak, maple, and cherry to exotic and sustainable options like wenge, iroko, and live edge slabs , we've got you covered.
Sapele 4/4 $9.95 USD
Cedar, Spanish - Thins from $9.95 USD
Nogal 4/4 $9.95 USD

Nogal - Thins from $6.95 USD

Shedua - Thins from $9.95 USD

Sapele 8/4 $10.95 USD

Ash 12/4 $11.95 USD
Purple Heart 4/4 $11.95 USD
Iroko 8/4 $11.95 USD
Maple Curly 4/4 $9.95 USD
Walnut Shorts 4/4 $11.95 USD