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    About Black Forest Resins

    Introducing Black Forest Resins

    Our four resins are specifically formulated for ease of use to yield superior results!

    In our production shop we have tested many of the resins available on the market. Black Forest Resins outperform other resins in the following areas:


    3 of our 4 resins are ASTM Certified non-hazardous and non-toxic to an International Standard (D-4236) to assure that you are using the safest resins for your projects. Our casting resin DEEP is formulated to comply with the ASTM Standard for future certification.


    Our resins are optically “water clear” so that you can achieve crystal clear results for river tables, encapsulating objects, coating paintings and surfaces. Our clear resins offer the optimal colour results when adding pigments.


    Our resins are the hardest that we have measured with our Shore D Durometer. Superior hardness allows for better machining, sanding, and polishing. This hardness offers the ultimate in durability.

    UV Resistance

    Our resins have superior UV Stabilization and will offer optimum clarity over time.

    Low Viscosity

    Our resins have low viscosity therefore offering you the optimum results in coating and casting such as:

    • excellent self levelling to a perfectly flat surface,
    • superior immersion of casted items
    • excellent bubble release
    • excellent adhesion to other media
    • once cured will not shrink or distort