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Black Forest Furniture Oil penetrates deep into the wood, protecting it against water-marks and other stains.
Black Forest Furniture Oil has a high resistance to abrasion marks and does so without forming a thick film. Black Forest Furniture Oil allows for easy touch-ups without the need to strip or sand the finish.

USE: Black Forest Furniture Oil can be used over any new or stripped wood surface: Furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, mouldings, etc. Can also be used as a finish over epoxy, making it perfect for wood + epoxy projects.

PREPARATION: Prior to application, thoroughly mix the product. Sand to a minimum of 150 grit (flooring). For furniture, sand to 320 grit.Higher grit sanding limits oil penetration and may require more coats for optimal protection. Remove all dust with a microfibre or tack cloth. Lightly moisten the surface of the wood with a damp rag, allow it to completely dry. Once dry, sand gently with 320 grit to remove raised fibres. This process is called "raising the grain" and will allow for more oil penetration.

APPLICATION: Apply a thin coat with a white non-abrasive pad. Allow the oil to penetrate into the wood for 5-10 minutes max. Flip the pad over to a clean side and remove any excess oil. Ensure excess oil is removed to ensure a proper cure. For faster application and a higher gloss, remove excess oil with a white non-abrasive pad on an orbital sander. The longer time you spend buffing, the higher gloss the piece will be. If needed, a grey abrasive pad can be used in between coats to remove imperfections or build up the sheen.

CURE TIMES: Light and Careful Use: After 24 Hours
Normal Use: After 5-7 Days
Cleaning (No Chemicals): After 10 Days

MAINTENANCE: For increased durability and sheen, you can apply the Black Forest Ceramics System over top of the cured oil. Please allow the oil to cure for 7 days before applying ceramic.
Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth, wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning.
If the piece receives heavy daily use, a fresh coat of oil can be applied when needed.


COVERAGE: 200-500 SQ²/Litre Depending on Species of Wood
Sheen: Satin


CLEANING: Use isopropyl alcohol to clean Black Forest Furniture Oil off of tools and surfaces.


SHELF LIFE: 2-3 years in an airtight container, stored in a dry, cool environment.