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Enduro Sanding Sealer 946mL (Quart)

Enduro Water-Base Sanding Sealer is a clear undercoat with strong adhesion properties that forms an easily sandable foundation for your project.

The high solids content builds a fast film. Use under any of General finishes Dries tack-free in 20 minutes in ideal conditions.

Why use a sanding sealer?

You can substitute your first coat or two of topcoat with a sanding sealer.

This saves time (faster sanding, faster drying) and money (it costs less than topcoat).

It is a softer finish, making the first coat easier to sand.

  • Sanding sealer can be used over raw wood or a stained surface. It makes a strong barrier coat when working with existing finishes.
  • The resin particle is also larger so the finish "builds faster" (how thick it looks).
  • It has strong adhesion properties. It does not stop tannin or dye bleed through, but it definitely improves adhesion.
  • We recommend no more than 1-3 coats, then finish with 1-2 coats of topcoat.
  • Sanding sealer dries tack free in 10-20 minutes. Drying Time: 1-2 hours under normal conditions. (70F -70% humidity)
  • Sanding sealer can be used with all of our water based and oil based finishes except Endur-o-var.

Please note that during the colder months, water based finishes, unlike oil based finishes, are subject to freezing during shipping and may not be usable afterwards.

While being able to handle a “slush” like freeze, they can not recover from total solidification.


Approx. Coverage:150 sq. ft/quart
600 sq. ft/gal


Dry time:20+ min to touch, 2+ hours ro recoat


Application:Brush, spray