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Carving Knives

Carving Knives

Skew Knife $22.95 USD
Pelican Knife $30.95 USD
Chip Carving Set $71.95 USD
Upsweep Knife $30.95 USD
Whittler's Kit $58.95 USD
Roughing Knife $29.95 USD
Cutting Knife $26.95 USD
Detail Knife $27.95 USD
Detail Jack $43.95 USD
Whittlin’ Jack $65.95 USD
5" Draw Knife $59.95 USD

Sloyd Knife $69.95 USD
Tri-Jack Pro $110.95 USD

Detail Knife Set $84.95 USD
Hooked Push Knife $33.95 USD
Detail Skew Knife $33.95 USD
Stub Sloyd Knife $53.95 USD