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19-38 Combo Brush/Drum Sander (Bench Top)

Simplify sanding with a 19-38 Combination Brush/Drum Sander**! Our exclusive technology allows you to drum sand and profile sand on the same machine! Interchangeable drum and brush heads allows for unlimited applications! The 19-38 Combination Sander comes standard as a bench-top unit (does not come with a stand or optional accessories shown) and is equipped with a 180 grit flatter-style head. Additional brush heads and the sanding drum are available for purchase. Flatter: Produces a hand sanded finish on profiles like mouldings, raised panel doors, and plywood Nylon: Scuff sand and defuzz stock Wire: Pull the soft grain out from soft woods or clean reclaimed lumber Drum: Dimension or finish sand flat stock

**This machine is not CSA approved. The price of this machine includes the cost of the CSA test which we will happily have arranged here in store when it arrives!