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BF Deep Resin 2:1

BF DEEP Resin is formulated for casting in a mold up to 2” Thick at 20˚ C/68˚ F, ready to de-mould and work in 7 days with full hardness in 21 days. With active cooling thicker casting without distortion is possible.

BF DEEP features a long set-up time for bubble release or removal and a moderate exothermic reaction with reduced shrinkage. 

BF DEEP is ideal for combining with wood in casting “river tables”.

Prime or seal wood surfaces with BF COAT Resin to eliminate bubbles forming before pouring thick castings.

Sealing wood surfaces is not required if you are able to cool the resin as it cures.

For large pours, we recommend a room temperature of 15C°/59F°, in addition to fans blowing on the surface as the resin cures.

Formulated non-hazardous and non-toxic.

150L, 600L kit does not include free shipping due to the size of the containers.



Check Resin for Clarity before Mixing with Hardener.

The Resin component of your kit may turn milky or form crystals. This occurs much like honey crystallizes, this occurrence of milkiness crystals in no way affects the quality of the resin/ when warmed up will return to a clear liquid and so will the resin.

Put the container of Resin in a warm bath, (smaller containers can be warmed in the microwave for 2-3 minutes).

Slightly milky in colour - warm to 20-25°C (68-77°F) will clear the resin.

If larger crystals have formed then warm in a water bath to 45-50°C (115-125°F). This will restore clarity, you may be required to charge the water a few times to maintain the warmth, it will take around 30-40 minutes.

Do NOT exceed 70°C (160°F)
Higher temps will soften the container. Once the resin is clear, let it cool down to room temperature before mixing with Hardener.
If you have any questions please call 403-255-6044 Toll-Free 1-877-686-606

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Chris Helps

Best stuff out there if you want to take your projects to the next level

Awesome epoxy

I think my favourite deep pour epoxy so far. Wasn’t real happy with the shipping. I paid extra for 2 day shipping because I was in a rush and I got it in 10 days later. Regardless I think these guys are making very good products.

Just buy it You won’t regret it

My business has been doing epoxy river tables for few years. We have tried different brands. Ecopoxy was to thick we would have to vacuum the bubbles out before pouring. You would still end up with bubbles that you couldn’t get to the top. We moved onto Chill epoxy. Worked great in small amounts. As we moved onto larger pours it turned into a nightmare. As you applied fans or cooling the epoxy ended up taking weeks to reach a hardness of 80. This is when we found Black Forest epoxy. No need to vacuum to remove bubbles from mixing. Just mix, pour, turn on the fans, and walk away. Large pours we turn on a mini split for ac and blow across the table. Table is ready to work in 5-7 days. No sagging. It’s an awesome product. Just buy it you won’t regret it.

Brad Brown


james sutton
First pour

Did my first pour with BFDeep Resin and it turned out fabulous. Used BF metallic pigments to get a translucent finish and am waiting on a Flowyline base for this small coffee table. Did have an unexpected surprise from the UPS guy who wanted a check for over a $103.00 for import duty before he would leave the resin.Had question about getting the pour out of mold texted Dylan and Charlie he wrote back 5 minutes later. Great service would be cool if there was a way to get without the additional duty payment