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    Crown 3/8” M42 Bowl Gouge, Side Grind, 14” 354mm Handle

    These turning tools will give you a lifetime of good service and by their very nature ensure you spend more time at the lathe and less time at the sharpening station. M42 is a premium, high-speed steel containing cobalt. Its most significant properties include high wear resistance and hot hardness. As such, the cutting edges on tools made from M42 super high speed steel stay sharp and hard in heavy-duty and high-production applications. Common uses of M42 include twist drills, milling cutters, reamers, broaches, saws and thread rolling dies. Combine this with the already well known and proven advantages of cryogenically treated steel and, when it comes to woodturning tools, you have a tool that will hold an edge far longer, even on tough and abrasive timbers.