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Easy Set Threading Jig

Its called the easy-set threading jig because the depth of cut is easily controlled by twisting the silver round handle clockwise to push the main body into the cut.

The handle has an internal click system so 9 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 12 tpi , 7 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 14 tpi, 5 twist clicks gives you the depth for the 16 tpi and 3 twist clicks give to the depth for the 20 tpi.

The handle on the back gives a 6" swing so you can rotate under control easily.

The 20, 16 ,14 and 12 tpi parts are machined with the front lathe spindle thread out of one piece.

This gives ultimate accuracy unlike systems where the thread adapters have to be attached to a common holder.  

The Threading Jig includes the 16mm thread cutter and the hinge plate.

The standard configuration of the Threading Jig is 16 tpi and 1" Tool Post.  


You can choose a different tpi option to cut other thread pitches and a different tool post diameter.  

There are also Extra Spindles (Stems) available that enable you to cut other thread pitches with the Jig. 

You can also get an extra spindle/stem to cut the thread size of your lathe spindle enabling the direct mount of wood on the lathe spindle.

There are three options for holding the cutter: grip the cutter shaft in your chuck, use the optional MT2 Draw Bar Holder or the optional Spindle Cutter Holder that threads directly onto the spindle of your lathe.

**Please read the following if ordering:

The jig comes with a 1" tool rest post (stem) as standard. 5/8", 3/4", and 30 mm are also available on request when ordering. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 403-255-6044 or toll free at 1-877-686-6061.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mike Bufton
Customer service

Customer service was amazing. Thanks Andy The threading jig has worked flawlessly as well.

Greg Bianchi
Wonderful jig

New built in hinge to test fit is a wonderful upgrade. Makes it much easier to test fit and get right back into position if need to make more passes for that perfect fit. Jig is also very sturdy and stable with no slop. Black Forest was super friendly and helpful. Great experience all around!

sandy friesen

Awesome tool. Awesome service

James Taggart
easy threading

As the title suggests, is easy threading.
And has good instructions on line.

John Bernard
Awesome jig.

Awesome jig easy to use and very accurate. Instructions booklet easy to follow.