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Premium Dry Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

Shellac is mixed with alcohol in a ratio referred to as a "cut".

A "2 Pound Cut" of shellac is 2 pounds of shellac flakes dissolved in 1 gallon of alcohol. Adjust the quantities to the volume you require. Shellac flakes can be ground up to speed dissolving.

Store unused, dry shellac in an airtight jar or container along with the desiccant / oxygen absorber packets to help prolong shelf-life.

Agitate the shellac solution frequently to speed dissolving. Warm the shellac solution to speed dissolving (but never near an open flame!!) Apply with brush, pad or french polishing technique.

We recommend starting with a 2# or 1.5# cut for brushing. More alcohol can be added to the shellac solution to adjust "cut" for application technique and requirements.

The "cut" is not's just a starting point. Shellac can be sprayed in an explosion proof booth (atomized alcohol is HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE)!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Does the trick perfectly

I used the super blonde shellac on a yarn caddy I made for my girlfriend. The stuff works great, and was very easy to apply. I would recommend checking out the bio-ethanol at Canadian tire to dissolve and thin it. It is the most affordable option I could find.

john landry
Great product

Recently used the blonde and the garnet and both worked great, very satisfied

David Charles
Quality shellac for a quality finish

I am using Black Forest Wood Co shellac for a couple electric solid-body bass guitar projects. The first was a refinish using blonde shellac over a hippie sandwich neck-through type of bass (polar burl, walnut, ash, mahogany and maple). The second is new finish using garnet shellac over a quarter-sawn sycamore body. Both bags of flakes were fresh, dissolving, drying and hardening quickly and properly. I am basically building a French polish type finish, which may or may not get a top coat of clear nitro. Given enough drying time, the straight shellac seems to be reasonably durable.

Shellac review

Took a little research, now I have it down as to the mixing. Love how it works.