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Skew Grinding Jig Attachment

The Skew Jig was designed specifically for grinding Skews.

It is quick and easy to use, and will give you an amazingly flat bevel. Until now, we have been using the Wolverine Grinding Jig's Vee-Arm to grind skews.

Straight from the pocket, a hollow grind can be produced at any angle you wish to achieve, or the rounded toe used by some turners.

However, two problems occur using the Vee-Arm: -the bevel of the skew should be flat, and this method does produce a hollow grind -the cutting edge and bevel are not parallel Solving the first problem seemed impossible, to get a flatter grind you need a bigger wheel, so we set out to solve the second problem.

The result was the ONEWAY Skew Grinding attachment.

Very simply the jig is two pockets offset 3-1/2" to either side of center of the wheel.

When the handle of the skew is placed in these pockets, the cutting edge becomes square to the wheel. But after we tried the jig something amazing happened.

The bevel flattened itself out, which solves the first problem; excessive hollow grind.