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Black Forest Ceramic Finishing Kits

Black Forest Ceramic Kits

Our Ceramic finishes are designed to be used as an additional layer of protection over top of your existing finish. We recommend our Black Forest Furniture Oil.

Base Coat 9H:

Incredibly durable and scratch resistant finish that reaches a thickness of 2-2.5 microns per layer. The 9H hard finish bonds and penetrates into the surface.

Top Coat 7H:

Improves the shine, smoothness and strength of the base coat.

Pair the Black Forest Ceramics Top Coat and Base Coat can be reapplied yearly or bi-yearly to protect and extend the 9H Ceramic coating and hydrophobicity.


  • Fast Curing
  • Water beads on surface
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-Abrasion
  • Renews old surfaces
  • Strong UV protection
  • High Film Hardness (9H) - one hardness level below diamond's.
  • Protects against water spots
  • Fills tiny cracks and micropores, making the surface smooth, even and glossy
  • Exceptional hydrophobic (water-resistant) and oleophobic (fingerprint resistant) properties
  • Durability up to 2 years per layer (depending on general wear and tear)
  • Coverage is 2 sqft/mL

Includes in kit:

  • 7H Top Coat
  • 9H Base Coat
  • Applicator Block
  • 4 , 6 or 8 Microfibre applicator cloths based on the kit size.

Sold in equal parts 1:1 Top coat and Base coat (Kit size includes the total of both containers) Example: 20mL kit has 10mL of base and 10mL top coat

The time between application is about 30 minutes, about 8 hours dry to touch (you can use it but no liquids) and 24 hours for full cure.

Please view our question and answer section below and feel free to ask a question for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Works over gold leaf!

A recent project has 23krt. gold leaf on lettering. When I inquired if this ceramic finish would work over it the answer was “ do not know, never had a customer use it that why”. So I ordered the kit to try it. The sample gold leaf I tested it on was applied directly to the wood (no finish) and a sealer was applied after minimum cure time. If the ceramic finish didn’t bother the leaf under these minimal conditions I was sure it wouldn’t on a project that had been finished, two layers of leaf, and two seal coatings, this area of the project was a HIGH finger traffic area, and a cure time of more than 5 days! It went on perfect with zero issues with the leaf. I will not hesitate to use it again on leaf!

James Sensbach
Ceramic coating

I do like the finish product after using the ceramics easy to use and great results. I would like more if the application swatches and one thing the plastic insert to dispense the coating didn’t work well and I removed them. I would buy again

Robert Williams
Works great

Saw this on Blacktail Studio and wanted to try it on tables we use in our rental inventory. The ceramic finish gives a much stronger protection over the Rubio Monocoat so we have no worries when our expensive river tables go out on events we are contracted to setup.

James Dalton

Great product

Chris Soeder
Ceramic coat

I have 3 kids under 5. Not a single ring of water left behind and my table is used ALL the time. Great product and easy to apply.