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Black Forest Finishing Kits

Black Forest has combined our most popular products into these convenient kits.

Kits include:

Small kit:
1x 237ml Black Forest Furniture Oil
1x 10ml Black Forest Ceramic Base Coat
1x 10ml Black Forest Ceramic Top Coat
4x Microfibre Applicator Cloths
2x Microfibre Buffing Cloths
1x Applicator Block
2x White Pads

Medium kit:
1x 946ml Black Forest Furniture Oil
1x 30ml Black Forest Ceramic Base Coat
1x 30ml Black Forest Ceramic Top Coat
6x Microfibre Applicator Cloths
5x Microfibre Buffing Cloths
1x Applicator Block
5x White Pads

Large kit:
2x 946ml Black Forest Furniture Oil
1x 100ml Black Forest Ceramic Base Coat
1x 100ml Black Forest Ceramic Top Coat
8x Microfibre Applicator Cloths
10x Microfibre Buffing Cloths
1x Applicator Block
10x White Pads

For directions please see links below.

Black Forest Furniture Oil - Black Forest Ceramic Finish


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Douglas DeVos
The Cookie Collection

I used your finishing kits on 10 tables that are entered in in Artprize September 15- 25 2022 at Flanagan’s Irish Pub , Grand Rapids Michigan and I am very pleased with the results

Nathan Fought
Amazing Product - First Time User!

I ordered Black Forrest Wood Co Finish and Ceramic Top Coat which arrived nicely packaged to prevent any damage at all! My wife and friends have said this has been my best finish to date after 7 years in the shop. It has a natural look and feels smooth to the touch!

Dr. L. Richard Smalley
Finishing kit

Amazed by the oil finish, havn't used the acrylic yet.
Got word of you through Blacktail studio videos.

William Mitchell
Great stuff, easy to work with.

It's taken me this long to get an idea of what I have here. I made a mantle for some friends family room fireplace, it was a plain piece of old growth Doug fir that had been through a fire, here in my home shop and after wire brushing all of the burnt part away and putting it through the drum sander to smooth it, applied Rubios monacoat and had it mounted, I applied the base ceramic coat. Due to circumstances I had to wait about 4 weeks before I applied another base cot and then, the same day applied the top coat of ceramics. I was satisfied and my friends were ecstatic. On a sofa table top I made of a gorgeous piece of eastern maple I did the same as I had done for the mantel but only used one base coat and one top coat of your ceramics and am disappointed. Not much sheen!
Would it do any good to add a base coat and top coat at this time to get more sheen or....what? On a window seat of Figured 1/4 sawn Doug I used you oil and will cover with ceramic in the next week, but it already looks great.
Thank you,
Bill Mitchell

Ramsis Shehata

Great finish, the ceramic make the grain alive , highly recommended